Have you ever noticed how, often, when we say “I need X in order to have Y”, it is the other way round: how you need Y in order to have X or how if you had Y, X would be a natural consequence of Y?

For example, you may want to increase your professional success and earn more money (X) in order to have a higher self-esteem (Y). How about considering how much better you would be as a professional if you increased your self-esteem first? What if performing better and earning more monetary rewards turned out to be a direct consequence of having a higher self-esteem? So considering what everything is that makes up your self-esteem may lead you to answers such as competence, confidence, improving your physical condition or taking care of interests so that if you had more of these, you would have more self-esteem that would enable you to perform better and earn more money. Do you see how the equation is reversed and Y is the key to X, not the other way round?

Or another example: many banks declare nowadays “We need a strong wealth management in order to have a strong international private banking” and lock in their resources into this perceived solution. How about asking: what is everything else besides wealth management that makes for a strong international private banking? That’s right! A strong wealth management may actually be a direct result of a strong international private banking and not the other way round. So, considering what everything else is that is necessary for a strong international private banking may create the very conditions needed for a strong wealth management, how about that?

Problems have a way of locking in the focus of attention and ironically, so do solutions! As the saying goes, the solution is the problem. Fixing your focus on one perceived solution may well be the very same thing that keeps you stuck by locking in your resources and thus keeping in place the problem you are attempting to solve.
Unlocking your focus is therefore crucial and, may well be all you need in order to solve a problem!

There are times to focus and there are times to de-focus. I can help you learn the difference using state of the art tools backed by neuroscience research.

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