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Personal Life Coaching

 Are you at a crossroad? Torn by dilemmas? Jugging loyalties? Worn-out, depleted, indifferent?

Scarcity of various kinds, time and energy foremost? Bad relationships, groundhog-day scenarios, now idea what to do next?

Time to restore your quality of life by removing the imaginary constraints and increasing your options!

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Career Building

Are you stuck in a career dead-end? Has your industry been undergoing systemic changes affecting your job? Are you fed up?

I can relate! I left a two-decade banking career and obtained qualifications in adult teaching, business coaching and career training. I am working also as an application training coach with companies training unemployed job-seekers.

Is your CV up-to-date? Are you clear on your competences? Are you marketable?

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Goal Setting

The distance between where you are at and where you want to be is charged with tension. I help you use this tension as a fuel to close the distance.

Together we outline a system of next steps based on questions such as:

What do you need to know?
What experiences do you need to have?
How do you need to think to get the lessons you need?How will you be when you get there?

I am with you all the way and whatever you figure out will be the right thing to do!

Relationship Coaching

Are you stuck in a groundhog-day relationship, same person, different package, same scenario?

Are you nurturing a broken heart that can’t seem to heal?

What games and what learned roles are you playing?

I help you break the patters that have been on repeat. I help you figure out why you behave in ways that are not conducive to how you claim you want to be.

Stress Management

Are you tired, exhausted and dreading Mondays?

Do you feel like you are not contributing, not doing anything meaningful?  Do you hate to look at your bulging waistline?

I help you make your self-care a priority. I teach you easy time-and focus management strategies.

You recover the joy of life and never wish for days of your life to be cancelled and deleted.

You appreciate every single day because you are rested, balanced, resilient and full of charisma.


Career Advice

Does it go up or down for you professionally?

Like with everything in life, your career is all about your relationships! Do you want to be able to communicate in a manner that wins you friends and allies? Do you want to learn to defuse conflict situations easily?

Do you want be able to keep your cool and give killer presentations no matter what?

Do you want to be able to tell engaging stories and be a persuasive speaker?

I am here for you!

What Is Life Coaching?

The etymology of the word “coach” is a nice metaphor for what coaching is about. Coach means carriage, cart, vehicle. The coach figuratively provides safe and efficient transportation to the target destination.

The coach guides and supports an individual or a team towards a desired outcome or state. The coach supports you in raising your own bar and scoring new and better achievements. 

The coach asks you questions you may have never considered before with regards to your stuck situation. 

The coach as facilitator of change provides additional perspectives and life-hacks.

The coach helps you see the gold in your coal mines, the lessons in your failings that help you  turn your defeats into feats. The coach helps you see and break vicious circles and turn obstacles into shortcuts to your goal. 

At the end of the coaching process there is a visible and tangible difference. Not only have you moved away from what ever has been holding you back,  you are at a different place, you are different!


Who Is Coaching For?

Coaching is for healthy people seeking to improve their life or career situation.

Coaching is not a replacement for any ongoing therapy. People who are in any therapy must recognize that coaching can provide them with an additional resource and must obtain written approval from their medical doctor.

What is The Process Like?

The coachee has probably already spent a lot of time working on the problems  and reached some conclusions. The coach recognizes that these may be contaminated by all the negative emotional associations pertaining. Therefore, the first three steps of the coaching process are identical and may easily fit into one session:

  1. Taking stock of the situation.
  2. Determining a desired outcome.
  3. Accessing positive emotional states.


1. Specifying the goal and the desired outcome

After the initial resourcing in the first session, the initial perception of the issue may have shifted completely. The client may find that they need to address an altogether different matter. 

2. Making a plan

Any plan is better than none at all. We retain the right to modify the plan or strategy in view of the emerging material. 

3. Intervention

We work with the client’s material and feedback. Particular attention is paid to the unconscious responses. To access these, we use tools such as hypnosis, NLP or Wingwave. 

4. Evaluating the situation with regards to the desired outcome

The distance between current state and desired state is a source of tension. Depending on the estimation, if more work necessary,  this tension serves as as a source of motivation and we move on with another next step / plan.

5. Resolution

Issue closed or loop repeated till issue closed. 

Coaching Packages

2 Weeks

Three sessions, either live or per skype. 

Q&A per email. 

Suitable for preparation for an up-coming event such as a job interview, an early appraisal, or an important presentation.

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Also suitable as a rapid resource in crisis situation such as a recent lay-off, break-up or sudden loss. This gives you the possibility to catch your breath, find your footing and figure out a healthy next step. 

$/EUR/CHF 899

4 Weeks

Five sessions either live or per skype. 

Q&A availability per e-mail. 

This package is suitable for breaking unproductive or unhealthy habits and knee-jerk reactions and laying the foundation of new and better ones. 

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This package gives you simple tools for accessing and modifying your own unconscious driving patterns and is a lifelong empowerment. 


$/EUR/CHF 1449

8 Weeks

Nine sessions either live or per skype.

Q&A availability per e-mail. 

This package is suitable for overall life optimization touching upon the most fundamental personal spheres.

More Details
It gives you an initial change booster that is easy to maintain with the simple tools I teach you for understanding and governing your own behaviour and habits. 

$/EUR/CHF 2599

About Me

Teodora Rudolph

Banker turned educator. Business Coach and Trainer with international banking experience as a senior CRM with sales and market development of over 15 years. My in-depth knowledge is based on various experiences with leadership responsibilities and cross-border business.

Book author and blogger. Book in German available on Amazon.

Caver and Toastmaster.

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