Have you ever noticed that when people say they need X in order to be Y, it is the other way round? They need Y in order to have X! For example, somebody thinks they are too old to find a job, in other words, if they were younger, finding a job would be easier. Let me ask you this: when you have a job and are fully integrated in work life, is age an issue? Would it be the smart thing to do to put your resources into wrinkle fillers and rejuvenation treatments in order to find a job? Or is it smarter to consider all the things a job is supposed to give you, such as income, recognition, relationships, etc. and to go about bringing in these things into your life? You may find that that when you have all these thing that make you feel fulfilled and may or may not come with a job, age is not an issue. In other words, when you pay attention to the Y, the X becomes either a natural consequence of Y or a non-issue!

Further, on the subject of non-issues, have you ever noticed that something is a function of what it is just as much as it is a function of what it is not? How come? Here is an example: how do you know a nutcracker is a nutcracker unless you know what a nutcracker is not? There must be some perceivable contrast between something and what it is not for you to know the difference.
Why is this good to know? Imagine this something is a problem you have. By knowing you have a problem, you already know what the problem is NOT, otherwise you would not know the difference. In other words, when you have a problem, you know on some level already what the solution is! By focussing your attention on the problem, you develop a tunnel vision, you make the problem significant and you may exclude possible solutions from the scope of your attention. Where are those solutions? The solution is what/where/when the problem is NOT.
By shifting your focus of attention to all those things and places and times where the problem is NOT, you are in the realm of the solutions. And by shifting your focus of attention to what and where and when the problem is NOT, you are already blurring the contrast between the problem and the solution. And when the contrast between the problem and the solution disappears, what happens? That’s right, the problem disappears into what it is not! The problem disappears, in other words, the problem is resolved!
How do people get themselves stuck? By fixing their focus of attention on a perceived problem and a perceived solution to the exclusion of everything else! How to get unstuck? By shifting the focus to everything that is not that!
Try this for yourself! Think of something that is bothering you and consider all these things that are not that! And notice how the proportions of this thing change to the point of disappearing. By changing your focus of attention, you change the reality of things!
Consider, really consider this! When you are stuck on a problem, you may be better off de-focussing from it!

© Teodora Rudolph. All rights reserved 2017, Zürich, Switzerland