There are times when you may feel out of control. It may feel like luck and randomness reign supreme and you are losing the sense of agency in your own life. I understand!

There are some things you are always in charge of, though. And these things do play a role in how the deck is stacked. And I am not going to talk about lofty notions like mindset. I am going to point out a couple of common sense things, such that if you up any of these a notch, the ripple effects in your life can be potentially amazing.

Show up! Go out and see what happens! Be a wallflower if you must, but show up and look! You may even learn something in the process.
Show up with a positive attitude! In plain language this means expect to see likeable people who like you. Pick the venues where you show up so that the likelihood of seeing people you like who are like you and like you is decent. Interests groups and meet-up circles are great!
Show up with a positive attitude and make an extra effort! What does making an extra effort mean? In plain language this means putting your best foot forward. It means upping your grooming routines a bit, being extra-attentive, extra-considerate and extra-interested.

There, easy, right! And all of these are fully in your control. And by exercising your control over the things you are in charge of, you may start finding that random things such as luck start becoming pleasant surprises and happy coincidences. Considerate behaviour is in.

© Teodora Rudolph. All rights reserved 2017, Zürich, Switzerland