Vujà-dé is the opposite of the know-it-all, seen-it-all experience of déjà-vu. It is the experience of being in a familiar situation and finding „I have never felt this way before!“ And don’t we all love this feeling? We’d go to great lengths to seek it even if it means putting ourselves at risk!

Children live in a vujà-dé world. Everything is new to them and they explore it with benign curiosity expecting good things to come of it. Associations are created between the new and the familiar as part of the natural learning process. Then another natural tendency kicks in, the habituation. We get used to experiences and even to emotional states.

There is something else about vujà-dé. It may be the key to being creative and finding solutions to problems. A vujà-dé can be suddenly triggered by something and you have an aha-moment. But what if you cultivate it internally as an attitude or mindset, to use the more fancy word? How would your life change if you learn to seek to see familiar things in a new light? I am guessing you’d be having aha-moments much more often.

Comedians are masters of cultivating this ability, the ability of looking at the same old-same-old everyday stuff we all see and finding the weirdness and specialness we all overlook. After all, isn’t this the basic formula of stand-up comedy: a fairly normal setup is turned around in the punch?!

If you are stuck in a rut, a déjà-vu attitude is not only what keeps you there, it is what got you in there in the first place. A vujà-dé of your opinions and perceptions is what will get you out.

How to cultivate a vujà-dé mindset? For starters, start seeking new experiences! Test-run other people’s hobbies! Seek to go out, meet new people, get into other people’s shoes and experience what fuels their passion!

When you approach everyday life with the playful curiosity of children, you may find that you start becoming passionate about things you have habituated yourself to. Problems may start resolving themselves and the fun that comes with it is an added bonus!